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Howard Leib, Esq., PC is a full service entertainment, intellectual property and business law firm. We are also one of the few firms in the country that specializes in, and truly understands, the children's entertainment industry. As pioneers in that industry, we are uniquely qualified to represent your children's and family related projects.

The firm is equally at home negotiating your next agreement or litigating a dispute. We recognize that we are there to facilitate your deal, not to get in the way of it. We believe that litigation is a necessary tool, but should only be used when necessary. With over thirty years of experience helping people resolve their problems and move their businesses and careers forward, we know we can help you too.

Our clients are located across the country and around the world, but with the help of today’s mobile communications, we are always in contact, treating you as if you were just down the block.

Core Values

Our firm is founded on the twin principles of providing first class legal services, on par with any large American law firm, but doing so in a way that treats every client as an individual, not a file number. Our clients are located around the country and around the world, but we look on each one as a neighbor, providing personal care and caring.

We never forget that while representing you is our job, the matters you entrust to us are your life. We look out for your interests as we would want our interests protected, which is why we take the time to explain, in plain, ordinary English, what your options are and what the consequences are.

When you place your legal matters in our hands, you can rely on their being handled in a highly professional manner. Whether it is a trademark registration or a copyright litigation, a songwriter agreement or a corporate formation, we appreciate your trust in us, and work every day to see that your legal needs are fulfilled.

Call or email us and let us show you how we can help. You may e-mail us at info@leiblaw.com or call us at (212) 545-9559.


The Law Offices of Howard Leib, Esq., P.C. are located in Ithaca, New York, advising clients across the United States and around the world in connection with entertainment law, intellectual property law, the entertainment industry and corporate matters.

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